Envato Elements WordPress: Are Themes Available for the Blog Site?

Envato Elements is a subscription service that features graphics, fonts, add-ons, actions and presets, templates, 3D items and many more. It provides over 25,000 creative assets that you can download with just one pricing plan. Unlike other premium digital asset services, it does not involve credits and download limits – giving you the opportunity to try out various designs before making a final decision on which to use for your project.

How can you benefit from signing up with the website?

  • Use it to add high quality images for your articles.
  • Download high quality HTML templates and other assets for your web designs.
  • Use starter graphics and templates for your T-shirt and other merchandise’s design.
  • Enjoy more fonts, brushes, actions and styles for your designs and illustrations.
  • Make use of ready-made designs for business cards, website templates and stationary.

Creating awesome visual content is part of Envato Element’s target audience. If you are struggling to find the best suitable image for your blog or if you want to speed your design workflow, the website can definitely help you out.

How about Envato Elements WordPress? Are there themes available for the blog site? Unfortunately, no WordPress themes are included in the CMS templates. Envato already runs the largest WordPress theme marketplace in ThemeForest. It does, however, offer high quality photographs. This is a new addition to their offerings. Over 250,000 royalty free stock photos are available in the library. You can browse them by orientation and colors.

In terms of licensing, Envato Elements keep it incredibly simple. All items downloaded are covered with a commercial license that allows you to use the assets in your work and your client’s projects. When downloading assets you can choose between two licensing options – Project Use and Trial Use. The former registers the item for perpetual usage, while the latter is great for experimentation.

Sign up now and discover the Envato Elements experience!

Line Icon Pack: The Benefits of Using SVG Icons from IconTail

Using icons within your website is an effective way to connect with your users. Based on your web design, users will decide whether they should continue reading or visit another website. To capture their attention and draw them to continue reading, you need icons. The best icons help readers engage with your content. They can be the difference between a conversion and a bounce.

So, how are icons used in web design?

Icons have a number of uses in web design. They can be used to break up a page of text to make it more appealing to read. They also communicate ideas faster. For instance, everyone recognizes that the envelope is a symbol of email. Icons also add a creative touch. They help you express the personality of your brand.

Now, there are many file formats for icons. One of them is SVG. While it is one of the most important design trends in 2017, it was underused due to partial support from Internet Explorer. Fortunately, things are changing today. Many designers are using SVG icons because they are very useful for creating company logos and other designs that require frequent resizing.

Here are other benefits of using SVG icons:

  • Easy to create
  • Easy to edit
  • Smaller file sizes
  • Ideal for details
  • Size based on complexity

And, where can you download these icons?

Out of several line icon pack sellers in the market, you should definitely consider www.icontail.com. IconTail is the best source to buy icons. With over 2050 vector icons, you will surely find the best ones to engage your readers with your content. All icons are ready for iOS, Android, Applications and Websites. Designed by Pixel Perfect, you can choose between filled and line icon pack, whichever suits your creative needs.

Using Smart Stroke Control, you can easily change the stroke size with Adobe illustrator. You can change 1 pixel to 4 in one design, or even 1-4 pixel in the same design. All icons from the icon site are based on a grid view of 24 pixels for Android and 30 pixels for iOS. You can download the line icon pack in 11 file types, including SVG, AI, PNG, EPS, PSD, CSH, CSS, HTML, and fonts. All formats come with line and fill style.

Why should you buy vector icons from IconTail?

The most effective and affordable way to get your design done is buying icons from IconTail. You can use their line icon pack for apps, websites and software tools. Equipped with royalty-free license, you can solve your graphic needs all at once and invest in other aspects of your design. Icon packs are available for $59 and $79. For a one-time payment, you can download over 2050 icons in different categories, saving you a lot of money.

If you are looking for SVG icons, visit IconTail and unlock your design’s full potential. The icon source is a comprehensive and low cost solution for all you icon needs. Their massive gallery of line icons will help you develop any project you want, any time you need.