Is Thinkstock Closing? Find Out Here

Thinkstock provided many designers with the freedom to focus on being creative. Their amazing subscription options, easy invoicing procedures, superb search features and high quality images have empowered the creative process of many professionals. That’s why it is but very sad news to know that the stock site is closing in 2019. Their parent company, Getty Images, have already informed users and their annual subscription is now inaccessible.

For many years, the stock photo agency has been successful in providing creative professionals with high-quality images at various prices. They gave users a choice to purchase on demand or subscribe to annual and monthly plans. However, the website has not been updated for a while. So, Getty finally decided to just close it and offer their users a better and improved experience through other outlets. Thinkstock is officially closing, so you should start with the migration process or find other stock photo sources.

Thinkstock closing should not be a problem in the creative industry as many stock photo agencies are still available in the market. Here are some of the best alternatives if you are looking for one:

  • If you are looking for a flexible alternative to Thinkstock, this is the stock site for you. A pioneer company with great reputation and affordable prices, they allow you to purchase high quality images on demand and via subscription plans. They have two collections: Essentials and Signature. Choose whichever suits your creative needs and budget.
  • Getty Images. First and foremost, Getty Images is the parent company of Thinkstock. So, what other stock site is a great alternative to it? Getty has one of the most prestigious stock photo collection in the industry. They have established themselves as the crème de la crème of the stock photo industry. If you are looking for unique stock images with the highest quality, this is the stock site for you.
  • Stock Photo Secrets. Now, this is the Thinkstock alternative you might not have thought about. But, SPS has established themselves as among the top stock photo sources in the market with their high quality images and very affordable prices. Yes, they have some of the cheapest deals. If you want to download cheap stock images without sacrificing quality, this is definitely the stock website for you.

Thinkstock really is closing and it’s happening very soon. Before you run out of stock photo images for your next creative projects, be sure to find a great stock photo agency. iStock is a great pick if you are looking for cheap, high quality images. If you can’t trust other agencies, check out Thinkstock’s parent company. But, Stock Photo Secrets covers all your stock photo needs. From high quality stock images to coupons, you can find them all in one website.

Is Thinkstock closing? Sad to say, it really is. In 2019, the stock photo site will be officially closed to all creative professionals. The migration process has already started. Their annual subscriptions are no longer available. So, start finding a good alternative soon.